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speech synthesis

GinSing contains complete support for synthesized speech for the Sounding IC. The Soundgin IC has exceptional voice synthesis, allowing on-the-fly changes to pitch (and musical note), speed and volume. For example, you may use the dynamic pitch control in response to a temperator sensor on the Arduino, as well as singing the spoken phrase from "Its Cold" to "Its 100 degrees!" at various singing notes.

The method for producing speech involves creating a phrase, which is a string of allphones, inline optional inflections, and inline optional timing information that is executed using the speak() command. A phrase can contain just a single word or an entire orration. Allophones are phonemes that are blended smoothly over time to create natural sound speech synthesis. Inflections produce variation in pitch, speed, and volume that can be embedded into a phrase to effect a single allophone. You can also dynamically control pitch, volume, and speed in general with additional function calls. Here is the code that that makes the announcement on our website:

  GSAllophone phrase[] = {_IE,_A,_M,_BENDDN ,_J,_I ,_NE ,_SE ,_PITCHDN,_I ,_PITCHDN,_NGE,_PA0,_ENDPHRASE };

  speak (phrase);

Speech is defined in GinSing through a series of speech fragments, commonly referred to as phonemes. There is not a direct correspondence from written word to spoken word, and GinSing does not provide this tranlation mechanism. There are however, several programs that can do this translation offline that you can use to create and tweak your phrases which generally work better than built-in on chip systems.


sounds like


sounds like


Hat, Fast, Fan


Nip, Danger, Thin


Father, Fall


No, Snow, On


Gate, Ate, Ray


Think, Ping


Hair, Stair, Repair


Hung, Song


Hot, Clock, Fox


Go, Hello, Snow


Bear, Bird, Beed


Boy, Toy, Voice


Bone, Book Brown


Book, Could, Should


Cab, Crib, Web


Our, Ouch, Owl


Bob, Sub, Tub


Corn, Four, Your


Church, Feature, March


People, Computer


Deep, Date, Divide


Pow, Copy


Do, Dust, Dog


Ray, Brain, Over


Could, Bird


See, Vest, Plus


Bud, Food


So, Sweat


Met, Check, Red


Ship, Fiction, Leash


See, Even, Feed


Part, Little, Sit


Fir, Bird, Burn


Thin, month


Food, Effort, Off


There, That, This


Get, Gate, Guest,


Parts, Costs, Robots


Got, Glue, Goo


Luck, Jump, Plus


Help, Hand, Hair


Food, June


Hoe, Hot, Hug


Vest, Even, Twelve


Sit, Fix, Pin


Wool, Sweat


Mice, Fight, White


Yes, Yarn, Million


Dodge, Jet, Savage


Zoo, Zap


Can't, Clown, Key


Azure, Treasure


Comb, Quick, Fox


12 millisecond pause


Speak, Task


48 millisecond pause


Book, Took, October


62 millisecond pause


Lake, Alarm, Lapel


1 millisecond fixed delay


Clock, Plus, Hello


100 millisecond fixed delay


Milk, Famous, Broom


600 millisecond fixed delay



_SPEEDUP temporarily speed up the pronounciation of the next spoken allophone
_SPEEDDN temporarily slow down the pronunciation of the next spoken allophone
_VOLUP temporarily increase the volume of the next spoken allophone
_VOLDN temporarily decrease the volume of the next spoken allophone
_PITCHUP temporarily increase pitch of the next spoken allophone
_PITCHDN temoprarily decrease pitch of the next spoken allophone
_BENDUP temporarily smoothly increates the pitch of the next spoken allophone
_BENDDN temporarily smoothly decraase the pitch of the next spoken allophone

allophone dictionary

Click the following link to view 1400 commonly used words converted into allophones for direct entry into GinSing. You can use these words to construct a phrase array as in the example above. Make sure to terminate the array with the _ENDPHRASE token, and place pauses between words if desired.

view | print the allophone dictionary