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voice box overhead


product options

available formats

Complete Kit or Fully Assembled & Tested (drop-in Arduino compatibility)

Partially Assembled (shield headers not included or installed)

primary purpose

Voice synthesis and polyphonic synthesizer. Realtime serial control over the entire sound generation system including patching, mixing, modulation, phonemes, effects, and voice control properties.

Voice synthesis and preset sound effects. Eight event pins trigger phrases programmed into the 256 byte EEPROM. Realtime serial control for effects, phonemes and control voice properties.

price ( USPS Priority domestic )

kit: $34.99 + $5.15 S/H = $40.05

ass: $44.99 + $5.15 S/H = $50.14

kit: N/A

$39.99 + $2.00 HD + $7.14 S/H = $49.09

board basics

sound IC

Savage Industries Soundgin IC Magnevation SpeakJet

amplifier IC

NJM386 (1 Watt,  18V Max) replaceable LMV358M (0.5 Watt  5V Max)

filter circuit

2 pole lowpass 2 pole lowpass

visual indicators

0.5mm LED ( kit option ext / side mount )

SMT LED ( near header connect )

arduino/chip interface

SND, RCV (optional), OVF (optional) SND


3x pin jumpers ( S|R|O pin assignment ) solder jumper ( TX pin assignment )

controls & connections

shield connection

fully compatible deep stackable headers

additional user purchase/install required

 volume control

edge mounted thumbwheel potentiometer

top mount screwslot (N/A when stacked)

speaker output solder pads ( screw terminal compatible ) solder pads ( 0.1" )
headphone output 3.5mm stereo w/ auto speaker bypass N/A

reset button


top mount (N/A when stacked)

software output QOUT solder pads ( up to 40 mA ) N/A
prototyping area N/A 13x7 0.1" PTH grid
pin connection

1-3 pins configurable via jumper select:

TX (3,11,N/C ), RX (4,12), OV(2,10,N/C)

1 pin configurable via solder,  8 fixed:

TX(0,1), EVENT (5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12)


environment Arduino 1.0 IDE with source code library Arduino 1.0 IDE

SSG01 Datasheet & Users Guide (41pg)

GinSing User's Manual

GinSing Programming Guide

SpeakJet User's Manual (17pg)
software interface enumerated c++ function library serial tokens
chip level interface sendCommand(), readRegister(), writeRegister() SoftSerial.print()
software models preset, voice, poly, synth N/A
support free monitored member forum product page blog


visual prototyping and exploration PC console link via USB with GUI, dictionary, presets, realtime tweaking N/A

chip features


Single chip 6-voice electronic music synthesizer / sound effects / voice synthesizer. It produces complex sound effects, synthesizer style music and English speech with an unlimited vocabulary. The Soundgin IC provides wide-range, high resolution control of pitch, tone color and dynamics with six synthesizer "voices" which can be used independently or in conjunction with each other to create complex sounds.

Single chip voice and complex sound synthesizer. It uses (MSA) technology which controls an internal five channel sound synthesizer to generate on-the-fly, unlimited vocabulary speech synthesis and complex sounds. The SpeakJet can be controlled simultaneously by logic changes on any one of its eight Event Input lines, and/or by a Serial Data line from a CPU.

communication protocol 9600 baud serial 9600 baud serial
communication format command set, register access command set, register access
# waveform generators (DCOs) 6 5
maximum output frequency 16 KHz 8 KHz
speech synthesis method 63 allophone ( phoneme blending) 72 phoneme
command set 3 memory, 5 comm, 2 user, 4 voice, 2 musical, 3 mixer, 5 synth, 2 f/x

3 memory, 5 comm, 3 voice, 1 f/x

registers 144


register functions


phoneme/phrase, inflection, speed, volume, frequency, transition speed


frequency, frequency target, frequency ramp, waveform, amplitude, amplitude target, amplitude ramp, distortion, envelope control, ADSR, mixer control, patch control, amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, pulse width modulation, pitch bend, user output


phoneme / phrase, event, inflection, speed, volume, frequency, transition speed


frequency, waveform, amplitude, distortion, envelope control

sound effects 32 preset 43 preset, 12 DTMF