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preset mode

Preset mode is a quick and easy way to add complex sound effects to your project. There are 31 onboard presets that demonstrate the rich complexity of sound that the system is able to produce. This mode is ideal for providing audible feedback for an interface, or for just creating cool combinations of sound effects.

The interface allows you to trigger any two of the available sound effects simultaneously to expand the complexity of the sound effect. The code below is a complete source code example of how you would interface the GinSing code into your application to trigger a sound effect:


void setup ()
  GS.begin( rcvPin , sndPin , ovfPin );      // start the device (required) and enter preset mode
  GinSingPreset * preset = GS.getPreset();   // get the preset mode interface
  preset->begin ();                          // enter preset mode
  preset->load    ( 0 , Spacewarp );      // load the selected preset on bank 0
  preset->trigger ( 0 );                     // trigger the preset on bank 0
  delay ( 1000 );                            // listen to it for one second
  preset->release ( 0 );                     // release the preset
  GS.end();                                   // end the device