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1 - Comm Panelcomm panel

The comm panel controls the communication with the GinSing shield.

The comm select menu can be used to select the port used to connect to the Arduino. When tweaker is run for the first time, a welcome message will appear in the output window prompting you to select the communication port that is connected to the Arduino. This is the same port you used when you set up the PCLink program that should now be running on the Arduino. You can use the comm menu to see what ports are available on your computer, and select the one that is linked to the Arduino. Once you have done this, tweaker will remember it although you can change it again at any time.

The code window displays the GinSing library API function call that you can make on the Arduino to program whatever menu, button, slider, or menu option that you may modify in the user interface. It serves as a way to both understand what functionality the API presents as well as to show you the specific identifiers and values that you would use in writing your own application. The code window is also used to display important messages or errors; when this happens the color of the display will change.

The reset button resets the communication port and sets the GinSing to power-up default settings. This can be used when you want to start from fresh or if you simply want GinSing to shut up and forget the current settings.

The exit button quits the tweaker program. Any presets that you have created and are in your user preset list will be retained along with the selected comm port.