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The GinSing software library is a full c++ class API that allows easy access to the hardware through function calls. Although the software interface allows you to directly control the on-chip registers and issue low level commands if you wish, the software is configured into logical operating modes that target the most common uses that you might have in your project: triggering simple sound effects, creating a musical instrument, generating human (or otherwise) speech, and performing waveform synthesis. These modes each have their own function calls to simplify programming, and you can switch from one mode to another to allow you to maximize the use of the hardware features.



sound effects ( preset mode )

Preset mode is a quick and easy way to add complex sound effects to your project. There are 31 onboard presets that demonstrate the rich complexity of sound that the system is able to produce. This mode is ideal for providing audible feedback for an interface, or for just creating cool combinations of sound effects.

Click to download in MP3 format (502.13kB)

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instrument modeling ( poly mode )

Poly mode is a simple configuration of the system to make it easy to create a simple musical instrument capable of 6 note polyphony.

Click to download in MP3 format (357.64kB)

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speech synthesis ( voice mode )

Voice mode allows you to create synthetic speech using built-in phonemes on the chip. The voice synthesis also allows for inline inflections, which can greatly vary the output to create very realistic complex speech.

Click to download in MP3 format (1.32MB)

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waveform synthesis ( synth mode )

Synth mode configures the chip to work as a powerful waveform synthesizer. Although its a digital device, it goes a long way in producing the characteristic analog synthesizer patches with DCO, LFO, frequency/amplitude/pulse width modulation, envelope control and more.

Click to download in MP3 format (2.23MB)

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