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soundginconsoleSoundGin console program

The SoundGin console software is a Windows compatible application that allows you to modify the registers on the GinSing Soundgin IC through the use of a graphical user interface. This provides a great way to interact with the chip functionality as well as provide insights into the functional operation of waveform synthesis. This program is provided free of charge by Savage Innovations. This document outlines the installation procedure for getting the SoundGin console program working with GinSing. It is important to read through all of the installation instructions before attempting to use the console program.

installation steps

1. download and install the console software

2. load and run the console relay program on the Arduino

3. insert a capacitor on the GinSing header

step 1. download and install the console software

The console software is compatible with PCs running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. The program is installed using a native installer, so you simply need to download the file and then double-click on it to run it. Once installed you will be able to launch the program to verify operation. Further minor configuration is needed once the remaining installation steps are performed.

download SoundGin Console for PC

step 2. load and run the console relay program on the Arduino

The console program communicates via a USB serial connection between the PC and the Arduino. The GinSing communicates with the Soundgin IC with with a serial communication based on configuration jumpers on the board. In order to relay information between the console program and the Soundgin IC, you must load and run a program on the Arduino that relays between the two communication paths. After downloading the program, you can simply double-click the file to open the Arduino IDE to build and load the program into the Arduino. Please note that the program must have pin definitions that match the jumper settings on your board.

download ConsoleRelay for Arduino

step 3. insert a 10 uF capacitor on the GinSing header

consoledongleThe USB serial interface provided on the Arduino does not support the DTR (Data Terminal Ready) function that is required for proper operation with the SoundGin console program. This can be remedied by bridging the reset connector on the Arudino to the +5V supply using a 10 uF electrolytic capacitor. Without this capacitor, the console program will drop the connection to the GinSing board.

The required 10 uF electrolytic capacitor is commonly available at most electronic parts stores such as Radio Shack.  The capacitor is inserted into the board header as pictured here on pin 1 (RESET) and pin 3 (5V). The orientation of the capacitor should placed such that the negative lead is in the RESET pin on the header. You can identify the negative lead as it will have a light colored banner on the case next to the pin and will be denoted with a (-) sign.

Note that while this capacitor is inserted, you will NOT be able to load programs down to the Arduino - it should be removed when not running the SoundGin console interface.